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Alvarez dating guitar

Some of those include variables such as refinished bodies or necks, replaced parts, refrets, and overall condition of the guitar.Original and mint condition will catch the highest values for your instruments.There are other resources for dating Guild guitars which you may also want to consult, such as: “The Guild Guitar Book” by Hans Moust, and “Gruhn’s Guide To Vintage Guitars” by George Gruhn.Both are excellent references and may be quite helpful to you in both determining the year of production of your instrument as well as identifying specifications and a historical context for the instrument.Prior to celebrating his 20th birthday, he moved to Nashville, still working day jobs, writing songs, and playing gigs at night, backing Guy Clark.After a few years in Music City, he bounced back to Texas long enough to form his own band, the Dukes, then returned to Nashville hoping to strike it rich as a country artist.There are no corresponding model names or numbers available.

Through the years, (as well as through several different owners of the Guild Guitar company), some historical documentation has unfortunately been lost or destroyed.Unfortunately, the records of Guild serial numbers prior to 1960 are somewhat sketchy, and so we are unable to assure the accuracy of dating before that time.The following chart, however, details the best information we have for the approximate last serial numbers produced in each given year before 1960.He continued to focus on songwriting under contract for music publishers Roy Dea and Pat Clark, and co-wrote the 1982 top 20 country hit “When You Fall in Love,” recorded by Johnny Lee.After chalking up a hit on his resume, Earle decided to become the primary performer of his own material.

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If you are interested in buying a lawsuit guitar, make sure you read through this article first and then do a lot more research before you start bidding on a guitar.

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