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I only gave it 4 stars because it is a bit big for me.I am 4"10 100lbs with a natural pair of 32DDs (Yeah most of my weight is boobs lol) the bodice part of it has boning and the boning goes down a little far for me.I came to IMED Hospitals as it was recommended to me by a doctor friend of ours and a friend who had surgery here said its the best place to go.After my pregnancy my stomach and breasts were a mess.

Though she may not be known to many Americans outside of serious film buffs, Cardinale is one of the most prominent and hottest actresses of her time.

Wore tight black gym shorts underneath because it's quite short, as expected, lol—and I'm just over 5'3" (xs).

I REALLY appreciated the padding sewn into the chest. The corset lacing on both sides also makes it beyond easy to tailor it to any body shape, because after all, we each gorgeously one of a kind.

I had so much skin on my stomach that it was impossible to wear any decent clothes.

Now I have the body I’ve been dreaming of and im so so happy!

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Ilahy is the aesthetic dermatological Surgical Institute at IMED Hospitals, and they talked me through everything and i had the opportunity to do both breast and a tummy tuck together which was fantastic for me and at the best price.

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