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From rugged coastlines to yellow beaches, vast parched valleys peaked with stony mountains to fields of sunflowers and abundant groves of wild olive and orange trees, mother nature thrives in the arid sun stroked climate.

We recently spent three weeks traveling around Adalucia, choosing to skip the touristic and over-built Costa del Sol.

The studio audience struggled to stifle their laughter as the cameras focused on the well-dressed lady, known only as Eloisa, and the stunned presenter joked: 'We don't know if we're witnessing a tragic death live on TV or whether Eloisa has fallen asleep.'From now on we can't laugh and we'll have to applaud either very quietly or by just raising our hands and moving them around.'This happens more often that you think because people don't sleep the night before and then eat something.'The presenter's deadpan humour has won him an army of fans in Andalucia where he presents his regional show'And if after the meal you do a Zumba class then you end up like Eloisa sleeping peacefully under an almond tree,' he quipped.'What's more, we don't even know if she's possessed and is in contact right now with the Hereafter.'As she carried on sleeping, he asked technicians to turn off the studio lights and told his audience and cameramen: 'Let's go' as he motioned to the other two guests to follow him.

He then sent a helper in to wake her up and tell her the programme had finished half an hour earlier.

Mainly I’ve been working, having a life, and also pursuing a certification in education as well as applying to do a master’s. But I thought I’d try to bring it back with this interview with Serena …

I thought that the way a person was supposed to show love was by insulting me and telling me all the things that were horrible about me.

Cadiz, which may very well be the oldest human settlement in Europe depending on who you ask, was the cheapest town to sleep and eat in.

In contrast we found Tarifa to be the most expensive of all the towns we visited.

I married with, not one but two, Spaniards (not at the same time, of course! ) and I’m not saying that love stories with Spaniards don’t work in the long run.

The reason we broke up had nothing to do with my husband’s being Spanish, and I’m sure if they had been Canadian, our marriages still wouldn’t have worked out.

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a very atypical interview for this series (So You’re Dating a Spaniard).

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